Welcome to Get Lost Escape Rooms.

We know booking a group activity can be challenging and we appreciate you considering us. You can reach us via email on info@getlostescaperooms.co.uk or by phone on 07921859291 - 01304 892425

Our personal and friendly approach enables us to work closely with clients to offer the perfect event and create unforgettable experiences.

Our dedicated team building liaison is Kym.

"From consultation to debriefing we will be on hand to provide you and your team with whatever you require. With several years working in Further Education developing and hosting workshops on a variety of topics I'm thrilled to bring my facilitation experience to the Escape Room industry."

At Get Lost Escape Rooms we believe it's time to:

  • Move on from the motivational speakers
  • Ditch the dodgy team tasks
  • Scrap the static conference events

I say this from experience, mention team building activities to anyone who has worked at a company with over 10 employees and they'll have a story to tell. Mine involves a 'motivational speaker' and an experience I've revisited many times in my nightmares. Standing in a room full of colleagues performing a ritualistic chant of:

'I'm amazing, you're amazing, we're amazing, YEAH!'

The kind of experience able to traumatise even the most committed employee. (There was even a dance.)

At Get Lost we appreciate and understand the difficult balance between the need for relevant team building activities versus providing your team with a fun and engaging team building opportunity. We will help you strike that balance.

Team-work is integral to Escape Rooms; we are able to provide a simulation of the pressures of everyday work stress by providing set objectives within a restricted time limit. Our rooms are designed to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance. We achieve all this whilst still providing a fun team activity that all clients can enjoy.

At Get Lost we are proud to offer a variety of bespoke packages, tailored to fit the time you have available, your budget and your individual or corporation requirements.

Get Lost is committed to providing you with a relevant, productive service to get the best from your teams in a welcoming, professional environment.

Whilst our prices are customised to your requirements, we do not substitute this offer for transparency. From initial enquiry we will provide a detailed, same day, quote.

We offer basic packages for 10 people starting at £220.50.

Additional services we offer include:

  • a conference space before or after your booking
  • free group photographs
  • team versus team challenge
  • icebreaker activities
  • discounts for ongoing bookings

If you would like to enquire or arrange an onsite visit, please contact us on:

Telephone: 01304 892425 or 07921859291

or via email: