directors cut escape room

You are part of the Paranormal Research Anomaly Taskforce. You have been contacted by the infamous Dr Richard Hole to assist in his latest paranormal palaver.

Dr R Hole has somehow found himself in a pickle, he appears to have picked up a paranormal pal. He's issued a desperate plea for help in banishing his unwanted guest as it is proving to be quite the nuisance. Particularly when he's having some issues keeping PRAT running! Do you have what it takes to identify and eradicate the bothersome ghostie?
This game is designed to last for 1-2 hours. There is no time limit to your purchase and it will not expire, you can access your game 24/7 from when you make your purchase.

You will have access to clues/hints should you require any extra help during your game. You won't require a printer as the game is web based but you will need pen and paper and internet access to complete the game. We recommend playing on a computer but you can use a smartphone or tablet if preferred.

You will receive your log in details once you have completed your purchase. Once you receive this please follow the instructions very carefully.

You need only purchase one game for your whole team. You can play over multiple devices and across the world, we recommend using a video calling app like Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp to liaise with your teammates.

We recommend a team of 2-6 players aged 8+ with adult supervision!

Due to to nature of this game and immediate delivery there are no refunds once purchase has been made.

directors cut escape room

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Who is the Director?

What will you find inside the cinema?

Why have you received an invitation to a private film screening?

Find out when you explore this mysterious cinema!


Years ago the most powerful civilisations fought battles across the star. Their power was matched only by their hatred for each other. After the war the Universe was left barren and many life forms extinct. Until, The Reckoning. 

Four alliances were created by the Galactic Legislature Emergency Regulator to maintain peace and balance in the Universe. 

All citizens must take the Hunt Aptitude Test. The test involves a series of assessments, the final and most important is retrieving a power cell from the decimated neutral zone. 

The choices you make during the mission will determine the alliance that will become your new home. 

With the threat of war still echoing through the stars every choice matters and every decision will take you one step closer to your new home... It is your time to embark on...The Hunt! 

A challenging fast paced adventure for 2-8 players in an experience designed to push your puzzle solving to the limit! Will you retrieve the power cell and return to safety in time?  Or will you be marooned in the neutral zone?