Choose a theme, grab your team and Get Lost in the game.

  • The World Fair Hotel

    The World Fair Hotel

    Will you survive your stay at the charming ‘murder hotel’? Book Now

  • The Abandoned Cottage

    Do you dare to enter the witches cottage? Book Now

  • The Krevokar Programme

    Unlock your potential in this top secret research project… Book Now

  • Director's Cut - OPENS FRIDAY 24TH MAY

    Lights! Camera! Abduction! Who is the Director? Book Now

  • Neverland - OPENS FRIDAY 24TH MAY

    An exciting puzzling, sensory adventure to involve the future escapees! *FOR CHILDREN* Book Now

  • The Hunt - COMING SOON

    Choose your path, shape the universe. *Versus or single room game*

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2-4 Players

£20 Per Person

5+ Players

£18 Per Person